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June 24, 2018

Dacia Stepway to Renault Kadjar

by GFR2

It was going to happen one day, the Stepway was going to go – not because it’s a bad car but because it was no longer suitable for my needs.

The main reason? It was a manual gearbox. For years I said I would never own an automatic and until now I never have, but due to the arthritis in my knee, the constant gear changing of a rush hour drive to and from work meant I was getting home in pain.

But why the Kadjar?

I wanted something bigger, more comfortable, automatic and full of toys. I did briefly consider a Duster, but it didn’t feel that much bigger on the inside than the Stepway and equipment wise it was pretty much the same.

There was the Nissan Qashqai, a serious contender, a C-Max or possibly a Mondeo and finally the Kadjar (the Renault version of the Qashqai).

Obviously money played a part as it always does and by chance I stumbled upon a year old Kadjar with 6000 miles on the clock for an amazing price, the equivalent priced vehicles in the list above were pretty much 18 months to 2 years old and with upto 20,000 miles on the clock.

So off I went to look at the Kadjar, couldn’t see it on the forecourt but saw one that looked like it but for over £3,000 more than the advert on the internet. Guess what, it was that vehicle.

I showed the salesman the advert online and he said well thats the price we are showing online, so ignore the price on the screen…….

After having a play and a think, and another play and I was putting a deposit down on the car, had a very good trade-in on my 3.5 year old Stepway with near enough 70,000 miles on the clock and for an extra £200 the warranty was reset back to the full 4 years!

It’s a completely different car to the Stepway, it’s big, it’s exceptionally comfy, it’s full of toys and it’s a pain free driving experience, my left leg sits there and does nothing now!

The boot space is massive, it has a split loading floor to hide away my stuff, it has boot releases for the seats so you can quickly and easily fold them down. It even has a full size steel hidden in there too (no repair kit here!).

The R-Link stereo (which some people don’t like) works so much better than the MediaNav unit in the Stepway, it has the remainder of 3 years of map updates and traffic alerts, the bluetooth works, phonecalls can be heard and it’s easy to use!

The fully digital (and customisable) dash is a geeks dream, different dials and info can be displayed, a few more customisable options would be nice but thats just me.

It’s quiet, so little road noise compared to the Stepway, even with it’s huge 19″ wheels. It has front and rear parking sensors, fold away electric mirrors, keyless entry, walk away locking, push button start, auto wipers, auto lights and the list goes on.

I like this car!

And have I changed my mind about automatics? Yes, its a pleasure to drive and if I want to go for the manual element I can flick it to semi-automatic and have a play, this is fun for overtaking and country roads!

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