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August 2, 2018

Pieroth – A wine tasting experience?

by GFR2

A wine tasting experience? Yep, it sounds like one of those experience things you often see in Boots or Argos, you know the ones, you buy the experience and then book it online and get to do something like drive various sports cars around a track.

So this is a wine experience or is it?

The short answer is No, it’s not.

Yes a representative comes to your house and you and your guests get to sample a little bit of a few wines, but this isn’t an experience like driving a sports car around a track, this is more like taking a test drive in a car and then having the salesman tell you why you should buy it and why its better than other cars.

This is a home selling experience – you pay for someone to come to your house with a selection of wines that you get to sample a little of and then get the option to buy some.

The wine is nice, the price is much higher than a supermarket for example and yes you could argue it’s better, but it’s not 3 – 4 times better for most people.

So what happens? Well you buy the ‘experience’ and you are contacted to make an appointment, then a few days before the appointment you are contacted to confirm details – we were asked what type of wines we liked, this was pretty much ignored and an even split of white and red was brought on the night. (We are more white wine drinkers with some Rosé thrown in every so often).

On the night you are given a history lesson for the company and then you sample the wines, you are told a little about the wine and its taste and what to expect -some are very nice and some are just plain awful, like the wine that tasted like newly podded peas.

Then you get the prices, which are considerably higher than I would expect (ranges from £17 upwards per bottle!).

And to sweeten the deal, the host gets a free bottle of wine – except we didn’t, what we were told is we’d get a free bottle of wine to cover the delivery charges. Of course we were also told we need to order a minimum of 2 boxes (12 bottles) and that they didn’t like to split boxes that much so really if should be no less than 3 of a type.

Yes we had some of the wine, but only 6 bottles and 4 of one type and 2 of another – seems their rules didn’t really apply when no sale was going to be made.

And we had a voucher for another ‘experience’ – we won’t be using it. We will be enjoying the wine and savouring each mouthful (especially at that cost!) but won’t be using them again or recommending them.

In short, this is a door-to-door encyclopaedia sales tactic but by appointment and using wine.

The wine is nice and maybe as a treat, but there is such a variety of wine out there now that as wine drinkers, people are spoilt for choice!

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