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August 3, 2018

Silverline Electronic Planer

by GFR2

New floors mean new carpets and with new carpets comes stuck doors! We had carpets fitted in a few rooms in the house and out of 10 doors we had to shave 8 of them.

Not wanting to spend all my time using a manual planer I thought I’d buy an electronic version and make the job easier.

This didn’t go to plan!

I had a look around and found the Silverline planer for £25 from Amazon, so I ordered it.

The instructions were straight forward, seemed easy enough to use, the first door was off and we started.

6mm was taken off and the door was still sticking, another 2mm and it was fine. 2nd door and again 6mm was taken off and it was still sticking, at this point I noticed that one side of the bottom of the door seemed higher than the other.

I checked this and sure enough, one side was higher and the underside was no longer flat – So I checked and planer and what did I find?

The adjuster on the planer was only adjusting one side of the plate, so as I was planing and doing passes of 1.5mm it was gradually making the problem worse. I tried to reset and adjust and that didn’t help. I tried flipping the door over and attacking it from the other side which helped a little on this door but there was no way I was going to do this on 6 other doors!

It was sent back the same day.

I brought out my trusty jigsaw and managed to trim the other 6 doors in about the same time I took on the first 2 doors!

This is a prime example of getting what you pay for, spend some more and don’t buy this!

Silverline Electric Planer

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