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August 10, 2018

Stoveworld UK Pizza Oven

by GFR2

About 3 years ago I bought a pizza oven attachment for my Weber BBQ, it was OK but not quite what I was expecting, so 2 years ago I took an angle grinder and drill to it and modified the original lid and combined it with the pizza oven – it was much better but still not a proper pizza oven.

Then we bought a house and time came for me to invest in a proper pizza oven!

Now I’d be looking around for a pizza oven for a while and seeing what was available, rough prices and what I’d need to prebuild in the garden.

One thing kept popping up, size and weight – something you need to take into consideration when ordering a pizza oven, getting it from drop off point (normally kerbside) to your garden….not always easy, especially as you could need a hoist!

Most ovens were around £400 upwards for a traditional dome style oven, they also weighed in excess of 200KG, or 2 of me! Not something that is easy to move! Plus you’d need to build a decent platform for the oven so that is additional cost to factor in.

Off searching I went and found on eBay several different pizza oven options, very basic bbq boxes, a multifunction BBQ with a pizza stone or what I chose, an actual pizza oven.

Stoveworld UK have created a domed pizza oven, not a full circle dome but more of an aircraft hanger dome, in fact they do a larger green one which could be mistaken for an RAF hanger!

Lets start with weight, well it’s considerably lighter than a normal dome oven, but still comes in around 70KG, this makes it easier to move if there are a couple of you.

Its cheaper than a normal dome oven, but this does not mean its any less of a pizza oven.

There is an option for a stand – again making it cheaper than a normal dome oven.

There is an option for a side BBQ (on the stand) – I didn’t pick this version but I could see a lot of use for it!

There is an option for a cover. This is a fully fitted cover with a zip for easy fitting and removal, I’d highly recommend getting this if you buy one of these.

So whats the difference? A normal dome oven is brick, insulation, more brick and if you are lucky an externally treated and painted outer surface. The StoveWorld UK dome is brick, insulation and lots of metal. This means its quicker and easy to manufacture, which in turn saves money.

The stand is also metal, and very neatly constructed too, no ugly welds, just perfectly fitting pieces.

The basic construction, outer metal shell, insulation, inner metal shell and a brick cooking base – and the insulation is good, I’ve had internal temps nearing 400C and the outer temp was a mere 80C, of course you still don’t want to touch that but it shows how well the insulation works. I’ve also checked temps after cooking and found that a good few hours later (with no fuel added and the door off) the internal temp was just under 200C and the external temp just over 30C.

Once the pizza oven is up to temp (don’t rush this part, give it at least 30 minutes to get up to temperature properly, your pizzas will be all the better for it) then you can start throwing pizzas out in less than 2 minutes, in fact my record is 45 seconds!

For pizza cooking you don’t need the door on, pizzas should be cooked when the temps are around 350C, yes they still cook when lower, but they take longer and this may also dry out your dough (depending on the dough).


There is a slight design flaw however, the door contains a temperature gauge and in all fairness to Stoveworld, they did advise on their listing that this can fill with smoke and be unreadable. Yes this happened on first use! Luckily I own a laser temperature reader accuracy and testing! The design of the door needs a slight tweak to fix this, but it wouldn’t be as aesthetically pleasing, I am going go do this modification myself and then update this review!

I bought this oven at the beginning of July and so far I’ve used it 5 times and made nearly 30 huge pizzas! I did have to buy a new pizza paddle as mine had a short handle, which meant a bit of hand cooking initially! I’m also in the middle of making a device to easily allow me to push the burning wood to the back of the oven once it’s up to temp and to easily enable me to add more wood. Cleaning is easy, I have a metal dustpan and a stiff brush, I just give it a quick brush out before I fire it up.

In short, I love this pizza oven, so well made, so easy to use and the pizzas are amazing – you can use it for other things such as bread making or roasting, but for me its purely for pizza – for everything else I have my new BBQ! (Review coming soon).

At an overall cost of less than half that of a traditional dome oven, this is value for money, but when you take into account the quality of it then it’s even better. My old Weber hybrid monster is redundant, in fact I’m considering converting it to a smoker instead!

Stoveworld UK – Pizza Ovens

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