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August 12, 2018

Lets build a deck in the garden!

by GFR2

Yep, let’s go mad and build some decking in the garden to hold the pizza oven, BBQ and greenhouse.

One of the many things we planned for house was an area for the BBQ kit and the Greenhouse, we weren’t too bothered if it was decking or a patio but due wanting to get on with it we decided decking could be an option.

Now I’d looked at the ground and yes it looked flat, but there is flat and there is flat – it’s no Grand Canyon, but more like some small rolling hills, basically the soil wasn’t laid properly before they turfed the garden and we had a bump in the middle section of the garden followed by a little more of a drop-off.

But that’s irrelevant.

So online I went and spent ages pricing up all the wood for decking, and it was coming in quite costly.  I was then told about and their decking kits, so I jumped on the site found their calculator, entered the dimensions, picked the options and it calculated exactly what I’d need – for everything (beams, posts, deck boards, post cement, weed matting, screws, nails and decking oil) it was £470 + £50 for delivery.

Considering this came from Glasgow and weighed over 500KG, then £50 is very good value!

Next was the prep work, marking out was pretty simple – someone had conveniently built a garage on one part and a fence on 2 other parts so I just had a simple line to draw!

Re-enforcements were brought in, they were bribed with pizza, alcohol and breakfast but those workers did well although there was one worker in particular who believed he was in a Diet Coke advert and insisted on removing his top to strip the grass!  It was not Diet Coke time…..

This left us with the following –


This isn’t top soil, this is top stones mixed with a little soil!

The ground looks pretty level and you are probably wondering what on earth I’m on about, this next shot shows the truth – the wood attached to the garage and the outer support beam are perfectly level.


The bump is by the middle post, it’s worse going towards the grass.  The left hand side shows the sudden drop.

So on day 2 of the decking build we went from bare soil to basic outer frame including support posts and my slight engineering around the existing raised flowerbed.


Outer frame and weed matting in place.

At this stage we had a day off to celebrate our 2nd Wedding anniversary, and I’m glad we did – it was so hot we were melting and I think doing decking on that day would have been a bad idea!

So Day 3 came around and between me and my Dad we managed to go from the basic outer frame above to this, plenty of cross members in now!


You can see the bump of grass, nearly the same height as the level decking frame!

And then it rained, for 2 days!

The then rains stopped!  By this time I’d thought about the additional weight of the BBQ and Pizza Oven, plus me standing on the decking and thought it needed some extra support beams at the far (left) end.

So we finished the noggins and added extra posts and threw in some chippings we had spare.


Looks like an actual frame now!

And now time for the decking boards……..


A spare board was installed on the fence to give it a tidy finish.

And then I decided this wasn’t quite enough, so I used the off cuts to finish the grass side (that’s a spare board in the picture).


Plenty of off cuts meant I had a recurring pattern of short off cut then long off cut!

And then there was more, the existing raised bed looked out-of-place, plus as it was thrown in to get the plants established it wasn’t secure and had moved forward under the weight of soil…… I bought some more posts, cut them, sank them, cemented them and used the last board and some off cuts to make a new raised bed.


The grass was in a bit of a heatwave and trodden on state, it’s recovering well now!

And here we are, the finished decking complete with BBQ area – the righthand side is now home to a 6’x4′ Greenhouse.  And the rains have returned!


Now install a water-butt and irrigation system for the greenhouse, you know in case the heatwave comes back!

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