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November 15, 2018

Meet Edison (the robot)

by GFR2

The other day I got the chance to have a play with an Edison Robot, it’s meant to introduce kids to programming and robotics but it’s also damn good fun!

It’s not connected to Skynet so won’t take over the world and kill everyone so nothing to worry about there.

It’s a simple programmable system with a drag and drop interface with various options depending on the option you have selected, it comes with a PC app but also and more importantly it comes with an iPad app and is programmed via a cable and the headphone socket.

You can programme wheel controls, LED controls, sound controls, inputs from external sources (such as clapping) also send IR commands, wait timers, loops etc so it’s pretty in-depth but easy to understand and grasp quickly.

The robot itself is designed to allow Lego (or other popular none Lego based plastic bricks that work like Lego but aren’t) to be attached, so you can build some amazing robots or machines.

Plug in 4xAAA batteries and power on and Edison is ready for programming, programme the sequence on the device (for me iPad) and then send the programme to the Edison and you are done.  If you make a mistake, it’s a simple few clicks to correct it and update the Edison.

Within a few minutes I had the Edison performing this simple little programme.

Sadly for me the Edison had to go back to my Wife’s school but for its little stay here I had plenty of fun with it and by the end we had it running around the kitchen playing Star Wars, flashing its LEDs and detecting obstacles before turning around and running away.

If you want to introduce your child to robots or programming then this is a great way to do it, or if you want to play with it yourself it’s a great gadget!

Meet Edison, Official Website –

Edison Robot on Amazon – Edison Robot V2.0

Edison Robot expansion pack – Expansion Kit

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