2nd Anniversary Surprise Escape

Its been 2 years already, time does fly and we’ve been busy – in fact since last year we’ve been busy.

One thing I will say is this year has been hot, ridiculously hot and I am so glad this heat wasn’t present at our wedding 2 years ago as that would have been too uncomfortable for all!

So what did we do this year?

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The Alchemist Cardiff – Cocktails and Lunch

It’s summer, it’s hot, OK, it was hot and now it’s just wet, and I had my usual 2 weeks off which for the most part was spent in the garden building decking.

But one day we did venture into Cardiff and decided to have lunch in the recently opened Alchemist.

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Lets build a deck in the garden!

Yep, let’s go mad and build some decking in the garden to hold the pizza oven, BBQ and greenhouse.

One of the many things we planned for house was an area for the BBQ kit and the Greenhouse, we weren’t too bothered if it was decking or a patio but due wanting to get on with it we decided decking could be an option.

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Stoveworld UK Pizza Oven

About 3 years ago I bought a pizza oven attachment for my Weber BBQ, it was OK but not quite what I was expecting, so 2 years ago I took an angle grinder and drill to it and modified the original lid and combined it with the pizza oven – it was much better but still not a proper pizza oven.

Then we bought a house and time came for me to invest in a proper pizza oven!

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Pieroth – A wine tasting experience?

A wine tasting experience? Yep, it sounds like one of those experience things you often see in Boots or Argos, you know the ones, you buy the experience and then book it online and get to do something like drive various sports cars around a track.

So this is a wine experience or is it?

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