Fish is the new Vegetarian Food!

So yesterday we went out for Sunday lunch, a quick(ish) trip over the mountain to one of our favourite pubs, The Coach and Horses at Llangynidr.

Usual thing, a set menu selection for Sunday but never a disappointment, until yesterday – the menu contained 1 vegetarian starter and no Vegetarian mains, well so we thought!

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Which tub of Christmas Chocolates?

Its stuff yourself with as many chocolates as possible season – You can’t hide from them, they are everywhere.  No matter where you go, someone will have a tub of the above chocolates and you will be offered some.  I bet you’ll even have a few tubs in work!

But what do people prefer?

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Quick and Simple Meatballs and Pasta in Tomato Sauce

img_3145After trying various microwave meals over the past few weeks in preparation for coming winter months (a hot meal at lunchtime when its cold or wet outside is comforting), I decided to make my own versions to take to work and heat up.

This week we have a quick and simple meatball and tagliatelle in tomato sauce – this made enough for 3 lunches.

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Oh how I love BBQ cooking!

weberbbqI find cooking relaxing and stress relieving, even though at times it feels like it isn’t!  One of my preferred choices of cooking is BBQ, which being in the UK is limited to a small window during the summer months, unless you are me and slightly crazy.

For the past 4 years I’ve been keeping a tally of the number of BBQs I’ve managed to have each year, this year may hold one or maybe two more at a push.

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Vom Fass Cardiff – Enhance your tastebuds

DSC_0960A few years ago whilst on holiday in Germany we went across the border and visited Maastricht, whilst there we stumbled upon a shop selling things from barrels and glass jugs so intrigued we went in and had a look.

Cooking oils of various flavours, vinegars (yes, there is more than one type) and a selection of various alcohols. We could have spent a fortune in there but luckily didn’t, we then had a moan that the UK didn’t really have this sort of thing, well not where we lived.

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