Solo – The Han Solo back story

img_3461The official teaser trailer is finally here, the back story of the everyone’s favourite scruffy looking nerf herder.

This looks like it’s gonna be a good film, lets hope it doesn’t disappoint.

This may be a long wait until the end of May!

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Star Wars : The Last Jedi

20171215_162319730_iOSI’ve grown up with Star Wars, its been part of my life since my parents bought their first VCR in the early 80s and it came with a copy of Star Wars IV : A New Hope, I’ve seen all the films many times over and I’ve just seen The Last Jedi in iMax 3D goodness at The Odeon in The Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff – Even Dave The Elf snuck in to watch it too!

There was only one thing I could say at the end of the film and that was simply Wow!

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5 TV Shows killed off early

Ratings are everything for TV shows but what we consider high viewing figures here in the UK don’t translate to high figures in the US and because of that various TV shows get cancelled far too early.

Here are 5 of those shows that I think should have been given a longer run!

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Tanks for the painting

citadelpaintsIt’s geek time, yep that time where I need to bore most of you to death with some sort of very geeky blog that most people will look at and think, “Oh my god, he is a grown man for crying out loud, why is he playing with toys?”

Well everyone needs a hobby and I won’t disappoint, this blog is all about model kits and my latest discovery of Citadel paints from Games Workshop.

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