Christmas starts in October now?

Odd question I know, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently.

Why have I been thinking about it?  Simple really, my Twitter feed, Facebook feed, Instagram feed and of course every shop under the sun seems to be celebrating Christmas now!

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Halloween and Pumpkins – My Collection

20161029_175425565_iOSIt’s almost Halloween, that time of year where some people go all out and its the best day of their life and some people just throw a sheet over their head and claim to be a ghost – Didn’t work in Beetlejuice*, won’t work on Halloween!

For the past few years I’ve been cutting patterns into pumpkins every Halloween, here is my collection.

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Quick and Simple Meatballs and Pasta in Tomato Sauce

img_3145After trying various microwave meals over the past few weeks in preparation for coming winter months (a hot meal at lunchtime when its cold or wet outside is comforting), I decided to make my own versions to take to work and heat up.

This week we have a quick and simple meatball and tagliatelle in tomato sauce – this made enough for 3 lunches.

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First Time Buyers – House buying Experience

Last Update – 24th November 2017.

Here we are, finally at the stage of buying our first house! We’ve been saving for 18 months and waiting for the plot to be released.

Here is our experience of buying a house, this will be updated at various milestones, will include any issues, problems, fixes, headaches and other such stresses and hopefully pleasures from buying a house.

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Winter is coming (apparently)

No this is nothing to do with Game of Thrones – But here is a confession, that’s pretty much all I know about Game of Thrones!  I know I’m a geek and I wear that label proudly, but GoT has never appealed to me, I just think it’s an overhyped version of Dungeons and Dragons, which I also didn’t like.

But back to Winter.

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