2nd Anniversary Surprise Escape

Its been 2 years already, time does fly and we’ve been busy – in fact since last year we’ve been busy.

One thing I will say is this year has been hot, ridiculously hot and I am so glad this heat wasn’t present at our wedding 2 years ago as that would have been too uncomfortable for all!

So what did we do this year?

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The paper anniversary – What do you buy?

lbookcoverSo it's your first anniversary, you've survived a whole 365 days of married life together with hopefully no attempted murder and its that time when you want to show your love with the 1st anniversary present – but what to get?

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A year of marriage and a food mountain…

20170616_172936212_iOSIts been a very busy and hectic year, which considering we were married last summer is odd as they year before the wedding was exceptionally busy! (which is to be expected).

Anyways, we are currently saving like crazy for our first house which we are told should be available to place a deposit on sometime in September – So that’s some good news, of course saving for a house does pretty much take all your spare cash and also meant for us that we actually postponed our honeymoon last year until 2018, but due to the delay in the house it’s now been pushed back a year until 2019 – but a (hidden) benefit of that is Star Wars land should be opened when we get to Disney in 2019!

So, this past week saw us celebrate the first year of our marriage and with me having 2 weeks off work we’ve decided to do some things we’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time and also won’t cost the earth.

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