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Have you visited Behind The Geek?

Well have you?  It’s my fun, more sarcastic, everything but tech but with lots of food based blog.  Did I mention it contains sarcasm?  There is also some serious stuff there too, but mainly sarcasm, geekiness, film references, sarcasm and food.

Now with added sarcasm and geekiness for a limited time only. (Forever)

Click me, click me now, click me like you’ve never clicked anyone before me!

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How to start Blogging – 5 Step process

Blogging Header

So you’ve come up an idea, you had many experiences and want to share them or you simply love to write and appreciate when your work is read, but you don’t know who, what, where, how or the colour!

I’m a member of a few blogging groups and have noticed the same questions asking for help and advice come up, so to help those (like those who helped me) I’ve come up with a few helpful pieces of advice to get you blogging like a Pro in no time!

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