Thank you for the support!

designExactly 4 weeks ago I started this little blog, it wasn’t for much else other than writing for myself.

What I wasn’t expecting was the response it’s generated, 4 weeks old and some 18 posts have brought me

  • 832 Visitors
  • 278 Followers here
  • 72 Followers on Instagram
  • 21 Followers on Facebook

I didn’t think it would be this popular, after all it’s just life behind the geek!

But for those that have taken the time to read my posts, comment on them and follow me – I thank you all.

Hopefully I can continue to write posts that people enjoy, I have loads of ideas covering so many areas.  There will be a lot more food posts coming up, after all I do enjoy a good meal out!

Later this year/early next year should see a purchase of a house – get ready for build central and project garden.

Once again, thank you all.

Where did they all come from?

GFR2 ReviewsA couple of years ago I started my other blog, you know the one and things started out slowly, then I stopped focusing on it because I was being sent products from Amazon to review – Some good, some OK and some just awful!  TomTom asked me to review a product of theirs and then Amazon changed their rules on reviews, which gave me a kick that I needed.

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And we are now live!

I know, another blog yeah?  Well this one is about life behind the geek that is GFR2 – No technology posts, no gadget posts just lifestyle posts.

I have lots to say and to share and some people actually find it interesting (I know, I was shocked too!) – plus a slight level of sarcasm, plenty of geekiness and an odd but very logical outlook on life.

So here we go, grab a coffee, sit back and let the posting commence!