The Alchemist Cardiff – Cocktails and Lunch

It’s summer, it’s hot, OK, it was hot and now it’s just wet, and I had my usual 2 weeks off which for the most part was spent in the garden building decking.

But one day we did venture into Cardiff and decided to have lunch in the recently opened Alchemist.

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Star Wars : The Last Jedi

20171215_162319730_iOSI’ve grown up with Star Wars, its been part of my life since my parents bought their first VCR in the early 80s and it came with a copy of Star Wars IV : A New Hope, I’ve seen all the films many times over and I’ve just seen The Last Jedi in iMax 3D goodness at The Odeon in The Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff – Even Dave The Elf snuck in to watch it too!

There was only one thing I could say at the end of the film and that was simply Wow!

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Vom Fass Cardiff – Enhance your tastebuds

DSC_0960A few years ago whilst on holiday in Germany we went across the border and visited Maastricht, whilst there we stumbled upon a shop selling things from barrels and glass jugs so intrigued we went in and had a look.

Cooking oils of various flavours, vinegars (yes, there is more than one type) and a selection of various alcohols. We could have spent a fortune in there but luckily didn’t, we then had a moan that the UK didn’t really have this sort of thing, well not where we lived.

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Lest We Forget – Cardiff Senedd

Remember the fallen, who have given so much.

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Escape Reality, then escape the room


Its time to escape, 60 minutes, a room full of puzzles and a small hint to help us start.

No we aren’t shopping at the Boxing day sales in Next but we are jumping into an escape room, Heist in Escape Reality Cardiff to be precise. (No hints or clues will be given away, although there is mention of lasers, I won’t mention the sharks, just the lasers).

Virtually opposite Burger King in Cardiff, this secluded door leads upstairs to a reception area and bar and of course the multiple escape rooms.

We were invited to Escape Reality, but did we escape the room in less than 60 minutes?

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