Dave The Elf & Porgwin – Final Part….for now

Porgwin concentrating on not falling

Yep, Dave The Elf has done his Christmas of mischief, he got up to a lot, watched Star Wars : The Last Jedi and even hit back at another Elf who took the use of a teabag too far. (You need to watch out for those Poundland Elves!)

Dave The Elf and Porgwin are going to take it easy until next December, it doesn’t mean they won’t get up to stuff, but they just won’t be as busy.

But keep checking the tags #davetheelf and #porgwin on twitter and instagram to see what they get up to.

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Which tub of Christmas Chocolates?

Its stuff yourself with as many chocolates as possible season – You can’t hide from them, they are everywhere.  No matter where you go, someone will have a tub of the above chocolates and you will be offered some.  I bet you’ll even have a few tubs in work!

But what do people prefer?

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My must watch Christmas film list

Yep it’s that time of year where everything becomes Christmas themed, every shop is stuffed full of Christmas based products, some tacky and awful and some very good.

But it’s also a time to break out the Christmas movies (well in December only, but that’s because it’s not really Christmas beforehand – don’t kid yourself!).

This is a list of Christmas movies we watch every year no matter what.

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Christmas starts in October now?

Odd question I know, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently.

Why have I been thinking about it?  Simple really, my Twitter feed, Facebook feed, Instagram feed and of course every shop under the sun seems to be celebrating Christmas now!

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Robot Santa MKII – Xmas 2013 Memory

Earlier I was looking at photos and came across a collection from a few years ago and thought I’d share the story.

Each year in work we have a best dressed office, we haven’t won for some years but back in 2006 we built a Robot Santa, it won that year! Of course it was just a guy in an old HP printer box that I’d sprayed up, added another box for the head and threw in some basic electronics and strapped a laptop to his chest but it was fun.

Jump to the year 2013 and technology had changed so I decided to make an improved version! (I won’t use the phrase new and improved as I think it’s a misleading use of words, new is something that hasn’t existed before and improved means to make an existing thing better……so how can you have new and improved?)

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