Dacia Stepway to Renault Kadjar

It was going to happen one day, the Stepway was going to go – not because it’s a bad car but because it was no longer suitable for my needs.

The main reason? It was a manual gearbox. For years I said I would never own an automatic and until now I never have, but due to the arthritis in my knee, the constant gear changing of a rush hour drive to and from work meant I was getting home in pain.

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Tale of the Road Warrior – Lost love of driving

img_0273Not quite Mad Max, but more Mad Matt. Of course this tale isn’t set in Australia, there aren’t half-naked men in assless chaps, the vehicles aren’t sped up to make them appear faster and Tina Turner won’t be singing songs in a town powered by pig poop.

It’s a more subdued tale of my driving life and how I lost the love of driving.
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