Dave The Elf & Porgwin – Final Part….for now

Porgwin concentrating on not falling

Yep, Dave The Elf has done his Christmas of mischief, he got up to a lot, watched Star Wars : The Last Jedi and even hit back at another Elf who took the use of a teabag too far. (You need to watch out for those Poundland Elves!)

Dave The Elf and Porgwin are going to take it easy until next December, it doesn’t mean they won’t get up to stuff, but they just won’t be as busy.

But keep checking the tags #davetheelf and #porgwin on twitter and instagram to see what they get up to.

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Dave The Elf – Part 2

It’s been a busy week for Dave The Elf, plenty of snow last weekend which kept him occupied and then Star Wars this week, not to mention his usual daily doings!

During Star Wars Dave The Elf saw a Porg (well several actually) and wanted one, so he spent many attempts on a grab machine and ended up with his very own mini penguin which he named Porgwin.

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Dave The Elf – Part 1

He escaped and photobombed me taking a picture of the snow

This year Dave The Elf appeared, not quite an Elf on the Shelf but he does get up to some rather odd stuff, some good, some questionable and some just strange!

Here is a collection of his antics in the first few days since he arrived.

If you’d like to follow more of Dave The Elf, search for #davetheelf on Twitter or Instagram.

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