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Pieroth – A wine tasting experience?

A wine tasting experience? Yep, it sounds like one of those experience things you often see in Boots or Argos, you know the ones, you buy the experience and then book it online and get to do something like drive various sports cars around a track.

So this is a wine experience or is it?

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The Lodge at Bristol Zoo Gardens – The Update

Last year just after Xmas we were lucky enough to visit the Lodge at Bristol Zoo Gardens and experience an overnight stay in a zoo.  Unfortunately I misplaced the photos from the stay so the review looked pretty plain, last night I found them!

The review is on my other site, it’s also one of the reasons I started Behind The Geek as it would fit better here, but please enjoy the review by clicking the link below!

The Lodge at Bristol Zoo

Our night at The Lodge at Bristol Zoo


Tale of the Road Warrior – Lost love of driving

img_0273Not quite Mad Max, but more Mad Matt. Of course this tale isn’t set in Australia, there aren’t half-naked men in assless chaps, the vehicles aren’t sped up to make them appear faster and Tina Turner won’t be singing songs in a town powered by pig poop.

It’s a more subdued tale of my driving life and how I lost the love of driving.
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Life before Life behind the Geek – a peak

This is my other blog, the personal side of me and what I do when the cyborg part of me isn’t running the matrix – something which I’ve not let many people into over the years, but now I thought maybe it’s time a for a change – maybe it’s time to step out of the shadows and actually be noticed for who I am.

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