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Birthday Meal – The Lamb and Flag at Wick

Apparently I had a birthday recently, and apparently it was for a number that scares some people – I just saw it as another day and maybe a different box to tick on a form.

The birthday itself went off like any other day, came home, opened a couple of cards and a couple of presents from my Wife – some hot sauce, some Edinburgh rock and a mini drone!  Followed by a meal in Table Table.

This weekend we went out with the parents and had a huge lunch at the Lamb and Flag in Wick (near Bridgend/Cowbridge).

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Seafood Shack III: The search for Scampi

OK, I’ll be honest, this was only our second visit to the Seafood Shack, but I was struggling with a geeky seafood reference to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, so I skipped it and went to III instead as that works!

But back to the food (Part 2) – Oh, that works quite well too.

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