The Alchemist Cardiff – Cocktails and Lunch

It’s summer, it’s hot, OK, it was hot and now it’s just wet, and I had my usual 2 weeks off which for the most part was spent in the garden building decking.

But one day we did venture into Cardiff and decided to have lunch in the recently opened Alchemist.

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Mothers Day Meal – Coach & Horses at Llangynidr

It’s Mother’s Day (well it is today, Sunday 11th March 2018) so today we’ve done nothing for our Mothers.

Last night however was different, we took both Mothers (so that’s Mother and Mother-in-Law or from the other side of the coin, Mother-in-Law and Mother) out for a meal in our favourite local(ish) pub – The Coach and Horses in Llangynidr.

Food overload………

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Fish is the new Vegetarian Food!

So yesterday we went out for Sunday lunch, a quick(ish) trip over the mountain to one of our favourite pubs, The Coach and Horses at Llangynidr.

Usual thing, a set menu selection for Sunday but never a disappointment, until yesterday – the menu contained 1 vegetarian starter and no Vegetarian mains, well so we thought!

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Oh how I love BBQ cooking!

weberbbqI find cooking relaxing and stress relieving, even though at times it feels like it isn’t!  One of my preferred choices of cooking is BBQ, which being in the UK is limited to a small window during the summer months, unless you are me and slightly crazy.

For the past 4 years I’ve been keeping a tally of the number of BBQs I’ve managed to have each year, this year may hold one or maybe two more at a push.

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The best Sunday Roast you’ve ever tasted…

img_3057It’s Sunday, that means for some recovering from a hangover, for some its a day of doing very little, for others it serves as a reminder that tomorrow is Monday and thats the start of a working week and for others it’s the day of days, the day you have a Sunday Roast!

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