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ZeroGrid Luggage Organisers

zerogridBit of an unusual gadget this one but still useful!  Recently I went to Germany to see some friends and relax from the stress of buying a house (Hence why I’ve not posted a huge amount in recent weeks on either blog), with travelling comes suitcases and packing and this collect of luggage organisers certainly helps with that.

Zero Grid asked if I’d like to review their luggage organisers and sent me a sample pack.

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ICZI Branded 4 Port USB 3 Hub

img_0291I’ve never understood why devices only come with one port of a type when the specification is upgraded. When USB 2.0 came out, motherboards, laptops etc all came with plenty of USB 1.1 ports and then one USB 2.0 port. Then all USB ports on devices were USB 2.0.

USB 3.0 comes out and again manufacturers only put one USB 3.0 port on a device and all others are USB 2.0 ports!

USB 3.0 is much faster than USB 2.0 so if you could use it then why wouldn’t you?

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Gadget of the Week – Worx Sonicrafter F30

Worx Sonicrafter F30Oddly this is something I forgot to actually fully review last year when I bought it, maybe because I was a tad busy with planning the wedding and everything that went with it!  So to make up for this, it’s this weeks Gadget of the week and review.

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Gadget of the Week – Wera Tool-Check Plus

Wera Tool-Check Plus

Wera Tool-Check Plus

It’s been a long week this week and the weekend has been no exception, helping people move house to a new place and with moving comes furniture that seems bigger than the doorways and stairs!

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