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PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Xbox One

I both love and hate this game, the idea is great a large map that slowly shrinks over time with a group of players who just want to be the last man standing (or squad), weapons, protection and vehicles are scattered around – what more could you need?

Originally a PC based game, this has been ported onto consoles and mobile devices and I’m lucky enough to be able to play this on both the Xbox One and an iPad…….or am I?

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Modular Games Console – why on earth not?

My console gaming life started in uni whilst watching Teletubbies (well what else do you expect IT students to do?) with a Playstation and Ridge Racer, well actually just the first level of Ridge Racer and an ongoing time trial competition that ended up sub 25 seconds for the lap once we beat the AI car.

Then nothing for a few years until I bought a Microsoft Xbox with Midtown Madness and some odd game called Halo……and then it started.

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