Dacia Stepway to Renault Kadjar

It was going to happen one day, the Stepway was going to go – not because it’s a bad car but because it was no longer suitable for my needs.

The main reason? It was a manual gearbox. For years I said I would never own an automatic and until now I never have, but due to the arthritis in my knee, the constant gear changing of a rush hour drive to and from work meant I was getting home in pain.

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2017 – The Round Up

It’s January 2018 already, somehow that crept up when I wasn’t looking and here we are!  So what did 2017 bring me?  Am I rich? Did I become famous? Did I visit space? Did I discover a new element? Did I create a mechanical suit and fight evil?

Sadly none of these happened, I know that it’s confusing. It is one thing to question the official story, and another thing entirely to make wild accusations, or insinuate that I’m a superhero. The truth is, I am not Ironman.

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Tanks for the painting

citadelpaintsIt’s geek time, yep that time where I need to bore most of you to death with some sort of very geeky blog that most people will look at and think, “Oh my god, he is a grown man for crying out loud, why is he playing with toys?”

Well everyone needs a hobby and I won’t disappoint, this blog is all about model kits and my latest discovery of Citadel paints from Games Workshop.

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