Stoveworld UK Pizza Oven

About 3 years ago I bought a pizza oven attachment for my Weber BBQ, it was OK but not quite what I was expecting, so 2 years ago I took an angle grinder and drill to it and modified the original lid and combined it with the pizza oven – it was much better but still not a proper pizza oven.

Then we bought a house and time came for me to invest in a proper pizza oven!

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The best Pizza dough recipe….ever!

pizza1It’s no secret that I love pizza, it’s one of those foods that you can do so much with, tastes so good and also fills you up – well it does when you have many of them!

I have a pizza oven, technically 2 – An indoor electric oven which makes mini pizzas and an outdoor oven that I cook pizzas in under 2 minutes at around 350C!  This one is not something you can buy, I bought one and modified it to give me a portable but hot oven.

But not only do I cook and eat the pizza, but I also make the dough and have found the best dough recipe ever!

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Birthday, Building and Pizzas

Its been a busy weekend, well actually a busy couple of weeks! My two weeks of holidays seems to have flown by, but it was a good two weeks with plenty of food, family, our first anniversary, more food, plenty of presents, a new blog site (yep, this one!), a birthday and plenty of building/making of things.

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