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Meet Edison (the robot)

The other day I got the chance to have a play with an Edison Robot, it’s meant to introduce kids to programming and robotics but it’s also damn good fun!

It’s not connected to Skynet so won’t take over the world and kill everyone so nothing to worry about there.

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Robot Santa MKII – Xmas 2013 Memory

Earlier I was looking at photos and came across a collection from a few years ago and thought I’d share the story.

Each year in work we have a best dressed office, we haven’t won for some years but back in 2006 we built a Robot Santa, it won that year! Of course it was just a guy in an old HP printer box that I’d sprayed up, added another box for the head and threw in some basic electronics and strapped a laptop to his chest but it was fun.

Jump to the year 2013 and technology had changed so I decided to make an improved version! (I won’t use the phrase new and improved as I think it’s a misleading use of words, new is something that hasn’t existed before and improved means to make an existing thing better……so how can you have new and improved?)

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