Star Wars: The Force Awakens Story Recap

2 years ago we had a Christmas party and us geeks know how to rock a party, we started off in Costco then popped over to the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff and invaded their Gallery showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In case you missed it, or have forgotten what happened in Episode 7 here is a brief recap told from the point of view of each character.

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If I were a rich man…..


You hear stories all the time of how lottery winners have spent all their money, how money doesn’t make you happy (although a recent study shows that money = more time and more time can make you happy) and I’ve always wondered what would happen if the giant National Lottery finger picked me and I became on overnight millionaire?

To clear up anything before we go any further, I’ve not won, I’ve been playing since the lottery started in 1994 and have not won anything more than £130 – if the winner was someone who could incorrectly guess the winning numbers then I’d be rich!

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