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Pieroth – A wine tasting experience?

A wine tasting experience? Yep, it sounds like one of those experience things you often see in Boots or Argos, you know the ones, you buy the experience and then book it online and get to do something like drive various sports cars around a track.

So this is a wine experience or is it?

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Vom Fass Cardiff – Enhance your tastebuds

DSC_0960A few years ago whilst on holiday in Germany we went across the border and visited Maastricht, whilst there we stumbled upon a shop selling things from barrels and glass jugs so intrigued we went in and had a look.

Cooking oils of various flavours, vinegars (yes, there is more than one type) and a selection of various alcohols. We could have spent a fortune in there but luckily didn’t, we then had a moan that the UK didn’t really have this sort of thing, well not where we lived.

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Birthday, Building and Pizzas

Its been a busy weekend, well actually a busy couple of weeks! My two weeks of holidays seems to have flown by, but it was a good two weeks with plenty of food, family, our first anniversary, more food, plenty of presents, a new blog site (yep, this one!), a birthday and plenty of building/making of things.

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